Flappy Happy Bee


Fly with this bee over beautiful landscapes


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Flappy Happy Bee is a fun skill-based game where you have to keep a little bee flying forward while avoiding obstacles in order to complete the most important mission of these animals. Enjoy this exciting adventure and play for hours and hours while keeping your tiny character in the air.

Your mission is to collect the bees' sweet honey. To do this, you have to fly over the field in search of honey, while watching out for all the obstacles along the way. To control your tiny flying hero, you just need to tap the screen. When you tap, your bee flies higher, so if you want to fly consistently you have to tap the screen quickly so you don't fall.

Along the way, you'll randomly find honey to collect; you have to make sure to reach it and avoid touching anything else, or you'll have to start your mission all over again. Thanks to these simple controls, the game is perfect for both adults and children to enjoy.
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